High Fives All Around

We spend a lot of time making fun of the Crimson White and Tuscaloosa News, mostly because we like to think of ourselves as the blog equivalent of “On the Media”* – with just a little more douchebag on our part.

But, we are super stoked when the CeeDub and TeeNews get something right, and they knocked it out of the park with coverage of the Temerson Square Shooter roided up asshole with a gun. We’ve seen this chutzpah and chops from both outfits before – taking on the machine and tornado coverage – but it’s nice to know that they can step up to the plate when shit gets real. It’s also kinda nice to know that we all live in a place where shit rarely gets real, werd? As much as we may complain about the dearth of coffee shops and good food afforded in the cities we may have lived in, we are always grateful that our bikes will most likely be where we left them should we forget our u-locks and we can park our cars with the doors unlocked for a few minutes and all that shit.

Anyway, we just wanted to give everyone at the CeeDub and TeeNews a high five. Good job y’all

*seriously if you don’t listen to OTM, you are missing out. Love me some Bob Fucking Garfield.


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