Ladies and Gentlemen: Randy Fuller

I’m not gonna post about the shooting b/c the Crimson White and Tuscaloosa News are doing a good job with that and I’ m pissed and I hope they catch this asshole ASAP. Spread around the photos folks, lets find this douche.

In happier news, Turn Me on Dammit shows tonight. In the run up to this we’ve heard rumors from multiple sources that Randy Fuller (the head wackjob in charge of protests) may have a sexy past himself. We heard he used to be a male stripper of all things.

We’ve heard this story from multiple people around town and a very trusted source promised some gold, they delivered. Last night we got pictures. There’s so much that could be written here, but I’ll let the pics speak for themselves:

For comparison sake, here’s Fuller talking about marriage and a “wild time” in his younger days. Skip to about 3:20.

I made up some flyers right quick if you wanna print them out and hand em out to any protestors at the movie:

rowdy randy flyer 3

rowdy randy flyer 2

rowdy randy flyer 1

comments can be directed to: cheers.


18 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen: Randy Fuller

  1. Jeff Wilson says:

    WTF? The guy with the FRO wig? Speaking Ebonics?

  2. Who’s the weirdo that comes after Randy?

  3. Tara Davis says:

    Thank You for the photos of Pastor Fuller. They go to show others that GOD’s Word is TRUTH! 2 Corintians 5:17 states ” Behold, I make ALL things NEW, the OLD things have passed away”. Hallelujah for TRUTH that will stand throughout eternity!

    • uglytusk says:

      Thanks Tara! Since you insist on citing your fairy tales, let me respond with one of my favorite quotes from the good book. Timothy 2:12 “I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.”

      Why are christians always capitalizing things? Seriously, it’s like a thing with christians on the internet. Like if I SHOUT the words TRUTH I’ll somehow seem less crazy.

      • melissa says:

        and as I posted when I “shared” your pics….”I’m SURE that HE, ask for and was FORGIVEN by his “lord and savior”! As was SHE is/was for her many MANY “old things”…except she too LIVES with one REALLY “big” one every day…for the last 20-something years…..js…….

      • Scott Jones says:

        If he can’t stand the heat stay out of the damn Kitchen. When he went out making a fool of himself he gets what he gets. Even of ot comes from the past. His own Daughter will tell you the man has issues!

  4. Kyle Jernigan says:

    As if there isn’t enough collective suffering in the world, you’ve got to take enough time out of your life to author not one but two posts about Randy Fuller simply in an attempt to smear his credibility. This is quite possibly the most immature thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve been working professionally in Internet advertising for over 13 years – believe me when I say I’ve seen some immature antics online and this is tops – congratulations.

    But the man has a wife and 2 daughters – there’s no need to bash him to the extent you found a source with pictures from 20+ years ago. This is just hurtful and spiteful, imagine if you used your time, talents, and efforts to help those in need instead of tearing someone else down? Wouldn’t that be better for humanity’s sake than authoring 2 posts about a preacher you disagree with? Is this honestly worth your time? And do you honestly believe he thinks his past actions, which you’ve so carefully highlighted, are or were positive? Or possibly, even just maybe, he uses them as a means to relate to people and say “don’t do what I did, I caused plenty of suffering to my life and hurt others around me, so walk a different path and make a difference in this world.”

    I’ll spare you the stories of countless former drug addicts that he’s counseled that found freedom from lifelong addictions. I’ll spare you the innumerable marriages that have been restored through the advice he’s shared and the families that have been put back together. I’ll spare you the countless names of people that are alive and well today because of his past actions – literally, people are alive today because of Randy Fuller. You see, before he became a preacher he was a fireman and before that a policeman. That’s right, those everyday heroes that society honors – he’s one of them. His past actions have kept people from dying and I dare say the ratio of tax-paying Americans alive today to nights he wore a Speedo is probably 1,000 to 1. Tell you what, I don’t care if the guy cutting me out of a wrecked car is wearing a Speedo right then and there, I’ll live the rest of my life thanking him no matter if he believes in Jesus or Santa.

    Seriously, don’t get so worked up. Life is too short. Find something and make a positive difference, it’ll make you feel better.

    • uglytusk says:

      Woah, we’re not the ones posting long diatribes on blogs. We are not worked up. We just think it’s hilarious that this guy got all bent out of shape about a movie HE HADN’T EVEN SEEN. Meanwhile he used to be a male stripper. It’s funny.

      • Kyle Jernigan says:

        Wait, are the all caps for emphasis or are you yelling at me? (buh dum ching)

        I appreciate you posting my comment. It may seem like a diatribe but when you type like I do @ 70 wpm there’s really nothing to it.

        It’s pretty safe to say he hadn’t seen the movie when he spoke out against it. Pretty safe to say he wasn’t in the audience last night. And no mention of protesters. Or burning theatres. Happy, happy. But like I mentioned, he’s got a wife and 2 daughters and the idea of a teenage girl being exploited sexually probably set him off pretty good. As a father of a 7 month old daughter, I cannot imagine the whack-jobs that would be in attendance just to get their jollies, not for the idea of art but or for 1st Amendment soap boxing, but for sexual perversion. There’s nothing good about teenage girls being sexually exploited, clearly. And again, that probably struck a chord with him because of his own girls and also his church has funded programs that have saved countless girls from the sex slave trade. Think the movie Taken, but in real life sans Liam Neeson – Hollywood wasn’t exaggerating much with the concept. There are 27 million slaves in the world today, more than Civil War times, more than the times when the Egyptians built the pyramids. 27,000,000 people are slaves, right now, a solid percentage are sex slaves the horror of which I can’t even begin to imagine. But he has had a focus on specifically impacting Moldovan orphanages. Why Moldovan images? Because it’s the #1 country in the world contributing to the sex slave industry, which like I said is alive and well globally. Pimps pay off state-run orphanage managers to find out when the girls are dropped off at bus stops when they’re turned out at 16. The girls are scooped up and forced into being sex slaves, treated far worse than any livestock because they’re sold at prices cheaper than livestock. I invite you to Google “moldova sex slave” and you’ll see how literal a topic it is, the first result is an MSNBC article about it. (might not want to Google it at work)

        So that was probably on his mind and heart when he railed on the movie that he’s never seen. Does he have a colorful past? We all do. Unfortunately for him he’s under a greater microscope and in the crosshairs more than most of us. I think his actions at saving lives and helping people far outweigh a few nights in a Speedo from 20 some-odd years ago. And I too asked a few reliable sources and it wasn’t a commercial source of income for him. More like he was in shape, could dance, and crashed a few bachelorette parties. I think the concept of grace and mercy should be applied far more often, the concept of faith removed.

        And PS to anyone wondering, no, I’m not a member of his flock. But I do know first hand the impact his life has had on this community and humanity. I think we could all stand to learn from him – yes, learn from him – that no matter what has gone on, live your life so that you make a difference for good because there’s enough evil, pain, and suffering in this world and we should do everything we can not to be contributors. I mean really, you made fliers? I do admire the creativity but you gotta admit that’s pretty wrong. And I usually laugh at wrong! Come on, give the guy a break, show a little grace and mercy, he’s been railed on plenty already, the movie went off without a hitch.

        Sorry for another diatribe, but when you get paid to talk like I do and you type 70 wpm, this is the result.

      • uglytusk says:

        wow, i read none of that. here’s a gif of a dancing bear. i think you should watch it for a good hour at least:

    • E Leigh says:

      What is so harmful about stripping? It’s not against the law. It’s adult entertainment. The pastor shouldn’t be ashamed…it just seems a tad ironic.

  5. kjernigan says:

    You should read it, you’ll be better informed on humanity from a global perspective. Nothing defensive/offensive in it.

    Here’s a dancing banana for you, enjoy:

    • uglytusk says:

      No thanks Kyle. You seem like a blowhard who really likes the sound of his own voice. And brags about their typing skills? I don’t think you are going to enlighten anyone.

  6. Shannon says:

    Nicely put, Kyle jernigan!

  7. Why am I not at all surprised by the not-so-thinly-veiled racism at the end of that video?

  8. Bo Weston says:

    I don’t really understand the purpose of this…Randy Fuller has never denied these things. He wasn’t a Christian until much later in his life. Long after he did things like this. He never hid this from anyone…if you go up and ask him about what he did, he himself will tell you. I’m assuming that by posting these pictures the goal is to make him look like a hypocrite. Regardless of whether you are fond of what he preaches, how does that make sense? Before I was a Christian I was an alcoholic. If you pulled up a picture of me drunk, It won’t really embarrass me…I didn’t really care about God back then, and I didn’t consider myself under any standard…so what I did wasn’t hypocrisy. If anything it points to how real it is that God changes people. It’s not like he got brainwashed and decided to start a church…God changed his life. If you would have taken those last year, then you would have a serious problem. You didn’t really complete some amazing feat of hypocrisy-proving prowess though. Randy’s life changed when he gave it to God. How is it strange then, that before that he pretty much did everything that the Bible directly condemns? He wasn’t a Christian and didn’t claim to be. I’m assuming you just posted this to insult him?

    • uglytusk says:

      Good job bo, you’re almost a full year late. We weren’t really trying to complete some amazing feet of hypocrisy or whatever, we just think Randy Fuller is a monster douche and it’s hilarious that he used to be a stripper. See, in the real world, the one that exists outside your hellstone and brimfire addled simple mind, not everything is about divine retribution.

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