This is Some Damn Fine Journalism

Jesus Christ. ran an article about why folks in Alabama pick license plates with “Sweet Home” written on them instead of “God Bless America.” Ok fine, this seems like an alright topic for an article on a slow news day. The only problem is the sub text of this thing seems to be “why are all these supposedly god fearing people actually heathens!?!?!?!? rage face.”

The whole thing is just creepy and weird.


2 thoughts on “This is Some Damn Fine Journalism

  1. Robert says:

    The subtext seems to be, that even though most people in our fine state (or at least a lot) are flag-waving, church going, gop-voting folk, they still think that the God bless America tag is dumb and that we have more to be proud of specifically as Alabamians than just being apart of the United States.

    I think you’re looking too hard to find something where there isn’t anything. You typically do a good job though, so I’ll let this one pass.

  2. The God Bless America flag violates the US Flag Code and is an exceptionally disrespectful use of the flag. What’s ironic is that those who championed it and put it on their cars think exactly the opposite, demonstrating their limited intelligence.

    Here’s the code: See pages 6-10; 16-17.

    On the other hand, that damned beach scene tag looks like something you’d get airbrushed at a Panama City Beach Wal-Mart.

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