Randy Fuller: Lying Asshole

So remember yesterday when Randy Fuller, the priest protesting “Turn Me On Dammit!” said he wanted to burn the Bama to the ground? Turns out he didn’t say that. He did, but he didn’t.

Let’s go to the tape: Fuller says, and i’m gonna paraphrase here, “get together” then he says “god, burn the entire city block to the ground.” But it turns out he didn’t mean that people should pray for the Bama to burn. Turns out he didn’t want his lord to smote the theater.

Good luck trying to figure out what he was actually saying. Even Fuller doesn’t seem real sure:

“It was just a small microcosm of the greater picture in our country, in the whole context of turning our country around,” he said. “So I wasn’t up there about burning down a movie theater because of a movie; I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

Right. Why is anyone listening to this guy? Why is anyone still listening to anyone who thinks the world is 6,000 years old and Jesus rode a dinosaur? Ugh.


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