So Much Good in This Story

Local Man Goes to Hotel to Meet Lady He Met Online, Gets Shot.

Let’s unpack this a little bit, shall we? First of all, this awful piece of “reporting” makes no mention of where on the internet this fella met this lady. Was it Craigslist? OKcupid? Ashley Madison? These are important details because it matters how creepy this situation is goddammit!

I’m surprised the internet was involved at all. Seriously, this didn’t happen through the Tuscaloosa News classifieds?

I guess it doesn’t matter, this guy was definitely going to either A) fuck a stranger or B) meet a prostitute.

My guess is on B since there seems to be some sort of redneck pimp mixed up in all this (jeeps being to southern pimps as Cadillacs are to all other pimps.)

The real fucked up thing about all of this, and that’s saying something, is that this guy took his baby along to have casual sex with an internet stranger. Good job buddy, you are an internet hero.


Turns out it was a who-er, surprise, that father of the year was meeting.

The baby is Department of Human Resources custody. Still no word on what web site this lady of the night used. C’mon!


2 thoughts on “So Much Good in This Story

  1. Chakrakhan says:

    It was obviously Craigslist.

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