94.1 ZBQ Chodes Don’t Get Satire

Liz Lemon has been wrong about exactly one thing: graduate students aren’t the worst people, top 40 Dj’s are the worst people.

I started following 94.1 on the Facebook some time after the tornado. They were pretty good back then about making efforts to coordinate and keep everyone informed. Since then though, well, they’ve morphed back into Top 40 Dj’s. I hate top 40 Dj’s.

The dragon bedazzled t-shirt wearing fauxhawks over at 94.1 are particularly bad. They have bad names like Kody in the Morning and generate 0 individual thought. Their Facebook feed is particularly egregious. They constantly post images that they’ve clearly lifted from some lame site that clearly lifts stuff from Reddit (9gag maybe?)

All of that brings us to today’s glorious post:

Good job 94.1, you’re letting the public know about this op ed written by a UGA sophomore about the MRS degree. Trying to rile up the local ladies about this eh? Only problem being that it’s as widespread here as it is at UGA….oh, and the other problem:  THAT THIS IS CEARLY FUCKING SATIRE. JESUS. IF YOU HAVE HALF A BRAIN YOU WOULD REALIZE THAT. IT’S SATIRE YOU GEL HAIRED HALF-WITTED FUCKS.

Jesus. It’s actually decent satire too (take note Crimson White: writing “this is a joke” on a joke article kills the joke.)

Anyway, here is a Katy Perry song on your two for Tuesday everybody stay safe out there it’s hot enough to fry an egg on a witch’s titty, who’s going drinkin at 5 p.m. people it’s time to ring the bell and blast workin for the weekend….


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