We’ve Got Chinese Food Again

By now some food nerd on your facebook has probably already posted about Mr. Chen’s Authentic Food Place and Grocery Store (that might not be its actual name.) This place is near Oz Music. Go eat some food an buy a record or something.

Mr. Chen’s is a restaurant/grocery store combo. I don’t really know what else to say, I mean, it’s Chinese food. It’s like pizza, you know which places suck but everything else falls distinctly in the “serves pizza” category.

This place doesn’t suck, so go there if you want Chinese and wanna pick up some pocky sticks and a whole squid. They aren’t serving Chinese food the way it was meant to be served – in the privacy of your own home, on a hungover Sunday and eaten in your underoos – yet, but maybe in the future? I certainly hope so. Wooooo Chinese food.

(this came up when i google imaged “white boy special chinese food.” it seemed appropriate.)


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