You’re all a bunch of babies

Since people on the twitter seem to think we’re all frowny faces and upside down rainbows these days, consider this post  as a little sunshine blown up your ass.

Also, Stuart A the Guy from all those bands backed by the drummer/blowhard doesn’t seem to get that I was making fun of the Tuscaloosa News’ Poll, not Tuscaloosa. You see, there’s a huge difference between genuinely talking about good stuff in this town and asking a bunch of people who probably only eat at Olive Garden to name their favorite restaurant. See the difference? Christ. Now, as promised here is the obligatory sunshine up the ass wherein I talk about good things:

Restaurants: Well, Carmelo has seemed to have gotten its shit together service-wise as of late making it enjoyable again. Tacos from the carniceria on 15th, as previously mentioned, are bomb. I dunno, read Bgrass’ reviews at Druid City Eats for other stuff.

Pizza: c’mon, Lil Italy is the only answer. Independently owned, real northeast slices. I won’t get into their hit or miss tendencies here because this post is about sunshine.

Coffee: I can’t even front, there is no good coffee in this town. Make it at home.

Things to get excited about: The jam opening next to 5 might be a bakery and might have coffee? I still don’t know what’s going on there. Bagels would be appreciated though.

Shopping: Grace Aberdeen, Prose and Palaver. Keep these stores alive. They are both awesome.

There? Fucking happy now? Woo. Life.


One thought on “You’re all a bunch of babies

  1. Donkey Kong says:

    God damnit I’ve missed you.

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