Holy Shit Holy Shit Holy Shit

It was only like last year that we got Sunday alcohol sales in Tuscaloosa. Now city council is investigating “entertainment districts.”

Don’t get too excited, this doesn’t mean the town is going to try to promote any sort of clustered downtown that promotes community engagement and a sense of civic esprit de corps. It does mean that you’ll be able to walk around with a beer though. It’ll be like game day all the days!!!

This is obviously still in the talking stage, but after the whole movie censorship snafu ol’ man Walter Maddox and the council might be looking to prove they’re a little more progressive than they actually are and if I’ve learned anything living in the south it’s that the south will be progressive as all get out when it comes to booze while spinning its wheels in the 19th century on pretty much everything else.


One thought on “Holy Shit Holy Shit Holy Shit

  1. 4E says:

    This is excellent because it means violence on the Strip can now be resolved via a half-empty bottle of Bud Lite to the head instead of the totally unoriginal shots fired into the air shenanigans.

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