Bill Pullman

We feel like Bill Pullman right now, spittin inspiration into a bullhorn to a bunch of green pilots about to go rain hell down upon alien invaders. Yes, we got lazy last semester. We got beaten down by homework and responsibility and life.We let our domain registration lapse…oops. Our free time was destroyed by a blue alien jizz beam; just like the White House. But then we decided “fuck responsibility.” We pulled our responsibility out of a space ship and punched it in the face and said “welcome to earf” just like the motherfucking Fresh Prince.

But now we’re back. Now we’ve got a dash in the URL and that dash is like the virus we wrote on our Apple II that somehow manages to disrupt a civilization that seems to be thousands of years more advanced than us. It’s cool though because we all know that *nix is the core of every operating system everywhere always all the time. And this shitty new wordpress template is our drunken Randy Quaid flying up a ship’s asshole because he has to save the planet. Fuck yeah.

We’re not sure how the Fresh Prince’s stripper girlfriend and President Roslyn fit into all this, but they do somehow. So now we’re back. Wooo. Time to shoot off some fireworks like the care bear jamboree dance party at the end of Jedi. Seriously though, how awesome is Independence Day?

Anyway, we are coming back. We are stoked, even though this means we have to start reading the Crimson White again.


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